Whether you are a new entrant into the world of social media or have been there for a long time, you need to understand the mechanics before you post any content. The point of posting the relevant content and spending a lot of money for the placement is to reach out to more people, increase popularity and get more customers. We can explain it another way also that the main aim is to get more revenue.

A strategy should be in place to convert the readers and likes and followers into customers and that too into loyal ones. Therefore, you need to appeal to the right group of people. Facebook likes increased my popularity, and continued as I was careful enough to engage with the right group of people. I made sure that only relevant and most appropriate content was posted, and that too consistently. SEO and value of my posts must align with the corporate goals.

It is important to measure the likes in terms of monetary returns, otherwise, you will not be able to plan a strategy. The time and effort apart from the money spent on creating content and posting across social media should bring back huge profits in order to justify the marketing strategy. Facebook and Instagram help you to calculate your projected earnings if you have been consistently posting and are an influencer. This depends on the number of followers and how you engage with them.

You can get an actual assessment done to understand the economics of social media engagement done by your company with reference to the revenues that it brings in. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram continue to be the most popular social media platforms though many others are also quite visible. So once you know the worth of the content being posted on various platforms then you can decide the spread and reach and plan the future strategy accordingly. Using social media campaigns, you can improve the brand recognition and its popularity. These should be targeted at different age groups and demographic population.

Once you are able to see the worth of your social media content in monetary terms then it is easy to plan and devise the content accordingly.