When I first began writing on social media, I had just moved my diary to the digital world. I had realized that it was easier keeping my notes online than storing books. It was not easy opening the books to go back in time. I remember my first series of personal write-ups that I had posted on social media. They were an enormous hit. My friends absolutely loved them and the word spread. I soon began to crave for the attention and the adulation that my writing brought to me.

I decided to increase the reach of my works to see if they worked on strangers as much as they did on friends and family. In order to ensure that people who liked to read the kind of works that I do were aware of me, I adopted various tips and tricks that the SEO course online taught me. I learned to add the right keywords in the right amounts. My rankings in the search engine improved.

I believe that my biggest achievement as a social media enthusiast is my ability to sense how to connect with my readers. I was not trying to use fancy words or sound incredibly smart. I was genuine and authentic in my writing and people loved me for who I was. Not only was I giving my readers what they looked for, it came from inside of me.

I felt the need to buy Instagram likes when I moved from one social media to another. That was a very good trick to use as well. I believe I have earned the popularity that I have on social media because my writing speaks for itself. With the right tricks and courses in SEO, you can do it too.