The internet is flooded with a lot of information on SEO. Searching for them for the right information is like climbing uphill without footsteps.

Why do we say that? Well, SEO is a vast topic that needs a lot of research and studies to completely understand it. If you have an online business, then probably you must know the basics or a bit out of it. In case you don’t have, then you must be wondering what is it and why is it so essential?

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We are heading a step further to talk about the factors that influence a page to be on top, in getting listed on SEO. So basically what does SEO look for in a website, we explain it here, probably if you read; you might get some links to what and why is SEO essential!


Headlines are the first thing that captures a reader. It essential that you write your content with a good headline at the place. Though your content isn’t quality wise great, a good headline will surely attract the customers in the first place. So keep your headlines crisp, short and apt.

Meta tags or Meta-description:

Giving a brief explanation for all the posts that include the given keyword is essential. This short note is the one that appears on the page over the net, to show the reader as to why the page is a relevant one to the search!


There are various tags used within the content and Seo checks for these, in the way it’s presented or included in the page. Especially the title tags are much more crucial, and it’s not only the headline that forms this, but other relevant tags add here.

Topic categories:

To make search easier and faster, the content is categorised, based on the topic and the content quality. So it’s important to stick to the topic or the content niche.