• 7 Educational Games for Kids

    There are loads of different types of educational games for kids and some are really creative and fun. There has been a rise in the amount of games available for kids and with the internet this trend seems set to continue to rise. Alternatives to this are the homemade diy type educational games, which are also popular with some mums and dads, but children seem determined to stay playing with tablets, computers and electronic devices. However in this article we will explore some new and innovative ways to get the kids learning with educational games.

    Kids Reusable sandbox 

    Sometimes simple is best and with some parental guidance this can be an easy and fun way to spend the afternoon play with numbers and letters. By having the sand placed in the box this can easily be used with anything from a pencil to a pen. Then once the word or number has been drawn they can give a little shake fro, side to side and then start all over again.

    Catch a letter

    Everyone likes fishing and for those that don’t usually have never tried it. Kids are no exception and they love fishing and when combined with letters they can practice their A to Z’s. Simple and easy to use this will guarantee a fun, enjoyable and fishing-fantastic way to get them learning their A,B, C’s.

    Counting wheel

    Sometimes the children need some help with their numbers and with a raindrop counting wheel they can have fun whilst learning to count the rain drops. By making a wheel and then having unique and different sections split into grouped drops they can practice counting.

    Shapes and colored sticks

    Get some Popsicle sticks or small wooden pieces of wood and then color each one accordingly. Then once colored name each one a square, rectangle, pentagon or whatever shape you feel is suitable. Then the aim of the game is to make sure each one matches with a color and a shape. This is a fun and interactive way to get them thinking about the shapes around them.

    Learning about money

    There is an easy and simple way for them to learn about money, which involves loads of change and a sorting tray. This can be a counting and sorting game, which is a easy to do and play game. The simplicity of education starts with the everyday tasks and this can help them understand how to count in money, handling and sorting through the coppers.